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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


My baby has an owie. A nice woman in the (you guessed it) Gelson's parking lot, backed into me. Said woman was almost crying, with the distinct look of horror of "oh my god I hit a Porsche!". I ended up giving her a little hug. It's Christmas afterall. We traded insurance info of course, I'm not crazy!

Estimated cost of repair $489, or replacement $800ish. Thank god for Farmer's Insurance.


Trucha said...

That's funny. I had a similar experience. However, I was in the supermercado parking lot in Southgate, and instead of exchanging insurance information with me, the person did a "hit and run."

ortho said...

I'm always a little nervous backing up with my top up, and it looks like the other driver was in your blind spot so you couldn't warn them. I usually go to the Hollywood Gelsons, and the parking lot is a madhouse. I almost backed into a person! there, because they walked into my blind spot, so now I almost always drop my Boxsters top.

the landlord said...

funny how the cars provoke the feed-back more than most other subjects. Still, I feel for you, and your car.