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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Rainy Days and Hubcaps Always Get Me Down
by Pam Ashlund

Came out the other day to wax the baby (by hand of course). When I got to the wheel I noticed something missing. The cap with the Porsche Insignia was gone on the front right. On closer inspection I saw a suspicious mark on the hub. Looks like someone (foolishly) tried to pry off the hubcap.

Question of the day: Did somebody try to steal my car or did I just hit the curb?

Here's a snap of the gaping hole in the middle of the hub. ;-(

Here's the suspicious chip:

And here's the "before", the way my front right wheel used to look!

Maybe it's time to try one of Rainy Day magazines projects. They have the perfect project for me: Making Porsche Boxster Wheel Center Color! I am SO on it!

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1 comment:

Trucha said...

Maybe a kid wanted to steal the insignia? When I was a kid, my friends and I used to collect ("steal"?) the chrome tire caps off of tire wheels. Maybe you never noticed, but most tires have black plastic caps on their air valves. But the cool cars (or at least I thought so then) had chrome metal tire caps, of which there are (were?) a wide variety of (collectible, at least to delinquent pre-pubescent suburban punks) styles. Some of my even more delinquent acquaintances would steal the hood ornaments off of cars (e.g., the Mercedes Benz insignia), but this, to me, seems to cross a line of damage significance, so I never partook. Anyways, that's my theory about what happened to your hubcap.