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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Crummy Porsche? My Boxster Adventure Continues

My car and I aren't speaking. Ever since i figured out that my repair costs are just over $4oo a month it just hasn't been the same. I didn't realize my feelings had changed until I heard myself using the adjective "crummy porsche" to my Dad today. Even though we were on the phone I could hear him rolling his eyes. "You've changed Pam", he sighed.

Less than 15 years ago I was living in a yellow school bus (sitting on blocks). I was driving a '69 Ford Maverick. I always backed into my parking spaces because it was 50/50 that the car wouldn't be starting of its own volition. I know my family thought I could do better, but they also enjoyed the vicarious experience of having a crazy daughter in california. Don't get me wrong, I liked being a color-character too.

So what's my conclusion? My Maverick only started when it wanted to, and also ran me major bucks at the mechanics, and my boxster only starts when it wants to and rules my bank account.

I guess things haven't really changed so much.

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David said...

How about getting a nice Honda Civic hybrid, and just thinking about it a a tool for, well, driving places?

Dana said...

aiee, Pammy. I too know the feeling. At 19 years old, 2 Years before I was married, I bought (for $2400) an 85' Audi Coupe.( I fell in love with this Marvelous machine. It was the love of my life for a year and a half...until one day....the accident. I won't go into details, but she was totalled ($2000 to fix). I have since spent the rest of my life trying to replace that car, each car getting more and more expensive. First the Jetta, then the Jaguar, then the Range Rover.... I'm on my second 7 series BMW, the latter costing almost 60k!!! when does the insanity end!!! I have yet to replace that 85' coupe in my heart, but the one thing that I did learn from all of this, is to the supplemental warranty. ;) --Dana

P.S. miss ya Pammy!

Anonymous said...

What's a young rebel now in mid-life to do to keep the tattered flag of nonconformity flying?

Get a motorcycle, Cousin!

Signed, The Hawk

Jimmy said...

Your Maverick started at least 80% of the time. Plus, it was so many different grungy colors! It was kind of like driving around in a condemned building.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the Rabbit and the Honda you had in L.A. prior to the Outlander. Yes, you are our "Maverick" daughter, but we love you just the same. In First Grade, your teacher said you were on a different planet - a bit above all of us. Never stop dreaming.