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Friday, December 22, 2006


I've got the Boxster Blues...Car Health Insurance?

Why does a young person buy health insurance when they won't have the need for the inside of a doctors office until they're over 30? Probably because of that one in a million possibility that they might land in the hospital. No, this is not an advertisement for "hospitalization coverage"; it's a car saga.

If there was car health insurance, I'd buy it. At least my repair costs would be fixed. Yes, I bought my Boxster used, yes I bought an extended warranty, yes, I have car insurance (a lot of it).

But none of this offered me any protection for the costs of on-going repairs.

I'm only pondering this because my last car repair bill was three grand (they said I burned out my clutch and kept driving it until I melted all the surrounding components!). Sadly that is about right.

Then an ignition switch and a starter...

My latest is above five hundred--a faulty air mass sensor. Wanna bet that's a $50 part wholesale?

Some car manufacturers have suffered sales loss due to a bad rep for the sky high cost of repairs. They responded by offering an ALL costs of repairs built in to the car purchase price. I would vote for that. At least I wouldn't be trembling every time I turned the key.

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