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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Porsche Pronunciation

A friend recently introduced me to a PBS site feature "Do You Speak American"; in particular their "beastly mispronunciations" page. Imagine my delight when I spotted "Porsche" right between "Pecan" and "President".

Porsche PORSH.

In my experience, how you pronounce this word/name depends largely on whether you own the automobile in question. Porsche does not appear in any of my references, so I must rely solely on the evidence of my ears, which tells me that those who own a Porsche (or wish they did) tend to prefer the disyllabic POR-shuh, while those who don’t (and could not care less) tend to prefer the monosyllabic PORSH. Because the great majority of us don’t own (or aspire to own) a Porsche, I recommend the monosyllabic pronunciation as less ostentatious.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Love, Soft as a Leather Boxster Seat

You'll all be relieved to know that my car and I are back on speaking terms. I love my car. I know, I know I promised to love in good times and in bad, but my vows were seriously challenged by economic hardship, unrequested revving, check engine lights, and plastic window woes.

But today, today, all was right with the world. I put that top down, I pulled my rabbit fur collar around my neck, I turned on that seat warmer and zoooooooooom. With Brazilian Reggae music cheering me on, I pulled out. The clutch was as soft as butter, my foot on the pedal did my bidding and miraculously (in LA), the freeway opened up for me.

Now, this must have been why I bought it in the first place. Truth be told, I didn't know why I bought it. At first it just seemed to be a pain in the ass. I figured maybe men called this pain-in-the-ass fun, but that I needed to be in a floaty, no feel of the road, automatic with an ipod plugged into the dashboard. But no! I judged too quickly.

I was only on a short trip, but now I know what it's like to feel the road calling.

She's calling.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I had some trouble driving today. The clutch didn't feel right. I felt the death grip of another $3,000 repair looming. I struggled with the clutch on my way into work, But then, on the way home I got the feel again. Crisis over. But why? What had changed? Only one thing: my shoes!

I'd been driving in sandals for weeks, but today I switched to my sneaks. The distance from foot to pedal was off and my brain took its own sweet time adjusting.

That's when it hit me. A beautiful synergy of women to car to shoes. Buying new shoes was finally elevated to the ranks of necessity. Every woman's dream: a legitimate reason to buy a new pair of shoes!

I didn't have to look far either. What do you know, Adidas just came out with the Porsche driving shoe.

I just don't sure looks like a sneaker to me!