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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Entia Non Sunt Multiplicanda Praeter Necessitatem*
Climbing Up the Porsche Evolutionary Ladder

Oh sure, I can say I bought this car because it's well engineered, or because I love the feel of the road, or because, for that matter, it has better mileage than my Mitsubishi Outlander did! Unfortunately, if we apply Occam's Razor (and we must), from the Latin above-translated: the simplest explanation is usually the right one), I bought this car to jump to the top of the prestige ladder!

Woe is me, how little did I know when I made that leap! It turns out that by all measures I am at the BOTTOM of the Porsche prestige ladder. Above the lowly Boxster are (in ascending order), the Boxster S, the Cayman, the 911 and (drum-roll please), the Carrera GT (coming in at approximately $440,000).

The Boxster, as it turns out, is alternately known as Porsche's entry level car, the car for the comman man, and even more aptly put: "the poor man's porsche".

I trade my tales from the road with a fellow Porsche owner on a weekly basis. This week I related an event that happened on the way home from work. As I sailed through traffic with scarcely an effort, I was suddenly overtaken by another car (technically all I saw was a blur) and before I could even react, the car cut me off and whipped around a corner. Not necessarily an uncommon event in LA, but this was on a virtualy empty street. I knew instantly, as I watched the blur take shape in front of me, this was a deliberate act. My adversary? A Carrera.

"Of course it was a Carrera", my friend laughed, "they eat Boxsters for sport". "It was yellow" I added, rolling my eyes. "Yellow?" my friend asked, "that's even worse!". Apparently there is an entire personality profile associated with those who own these cars, by model... and COLOR.

I had to swallow my pride for a moment as I came to terms with my place in the Porsche species. These bigger, faster, stronger fish might snap at me just for the fun of it, if for no other reason as to make sure I always knew I'd make a tasty lunch.

Poor Darwin might roll over in his grave, if forced to hear this application of his theory of natural selection.

*Translation: Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity (see Occams Razor)

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1 comment:

Transient said...

I like this entry. Mostly, I suspect, because I feel an uncontrollable compulsion to overtake any sports car I come across on the road. Each one of you is an automatic challenge to me to prove that I am bigger, stronger, faster and can't be taken advantage of. The road truly is mine - MINE, I say - and the rest of you need to learn to ask to use it.

My ride? An '06 Corolla ;)