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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Rear Window: Hitchcock Meets Boxster
by pam ashlund

Back in April, 2006 I ran into a great couple protesting in front of Downtown LA Motors. In solidarity, I did a write-up of their struggle in "They Can't Get No Satisfaction". I felt bad for them because sometimes when you make a $50 or $60K purchase and you pay god knows how much in regular maintenance and repairs...and all that money pours directly into the pocket of your dealer...and you NEVER just keep opening your wallet. Finally, you come in five years later and ask for a measly four-hundred dollar repair..and...they refuse. Come on people, that was just a bad business decision. Had Downtown LA Motors just fixed the dumb piece of plastic, they might still have a customer, who might want trade up that Porsche in the near future. How else could someone make a 10,000 percent return on investment? But nooooooooooo, they had to make reference to a nonexistent policy. It's not covered in your warranty? What kind of sports car owner wants to hear that? Please. Tell me another one.

Why am I on a rant about something that happened last April? A picture says a thousand words:

Three guesses whose rear window that is? I guess it will be a cold day in LA when somebody reimburses me for this one....

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janet said...

I must be missing something in the controversy. I'm pretty sure there are more rag-top cars in southern california than on the rest of the earth combined (keeping in mind this doesn't include Amish buggies or any of those completely topless forms of transportation from the third world, like elephants, burros, etc.) Given that unquestionable statistic, I am fairly sure that the thousands of taped back windows I have seen on every variation of convertable ranging from Chevies to Mercedes Benzes is a pretty clear implication of normal wear and tear--or,ozone damage or whatever one ought to expect in this climate. So how is a crack in your plastic rear window different than a crack in my glass windshield? (other than the fact yours is graced by a touch of Hitchcock...)

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