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Sunday, February 18, 2007


pam plans to pimp her porsche!

My dash:
  1. crappy cup holders (which FYI can launch a hot starbucks latte right into my lap in a single bound)
  2. Single CD Player/Radio
  3. CD holders - a huge waste of available space (who thought of these? the same person who asked the glove box? argggghhh, where is a girl to keep her driving gloves??? (and don't say in the weird spot behind my head, anything in there will melt from engine heat, and not the door storage, even weirder, who will ever remember somethings in there without a flashlight?)
  4. Some small storage (which is where I actually cram my cd's)
Ah the choices,
  1. Convert the center compartment (oh maybe that's where my gloves should be) into either a) a groovy cup holder via Styrofoam project or b) a glorious arm rest!!!
  2. Add a cd-changer, and custom iPod adapter in the front trunk
  3. Add an in-dash GPS where the cups holders are
I was pleasantly surprised to see CNET's Insider Secrets editor, Brian Cooley (in a segment called "Geek Your Car" ) demonstrating an Ipod installation in a Boxster! He doesn't mention the car brand, but take a look, it's obvious.

But wait! there's more! I love this guy Brian. He follows the iPod upgrade tutorial with a LOW TECH solution. I felt the joy of outsmarting technology. You choose: $400 for the alpine and the install, or $40 bucks for a couple of cables.


RainyDayGarage said...

Can also be done with a $7 Radio Shack cable from the stock Boxster head unit...

Guys at the RainyDayGarage

pam ashlund said...

Thank you Rainy Day Guys - I still love you even if you did tease me with a for-fee tutorial! LOL OK, $2.50 isn't bad, but charging for archives? (tisk, tisk, don't you think we can still find it on

"This RainyDayMagazine article has been archived. Electronic Reprints of this article is available for purchase. The cost per reprint is $2.50 We accept payment via PayPal."

RainyDayGarage said...

hey...somebody has to pay for the beers :-)