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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I had some trouble driving today. The clutch didn't feel right. I felt the death grip of another $3,000 repair looming. I struggled with the clutch on my way into work, But then, on the way home I got the feel again. Crisis over. But why? What had changed? Only one thing: my shoes!

I'd been driving in sandals for weeks, but today I switched to my sneaks. The distance from foot to pedal was off and my brain took its own sweet time adjusting.

That's when it hit me. A beautiful synergy of women to car to shoes. Buying new shoes was finally elevated to the ranks of necessity. Every woman's dream: a legitimate reason to buy a new pair of shoes!

I didn't have to look far either. What do you know, Adidas just came out with the Porsche driving shoe.

I just don't sure looks like a sneaker to me!


Anonymous said...

As an official member of the Porsche Automotive Company, I hereby officially revoke your license to drive any Porsche automobile. Please return your Porsche and accept our lovely trade-in car of a Ford Pinto. We believe that the Ford Pinto will suit your driving skills better than the Boxter that you currently drive.

janet said...

true shoe perfection. my daughter who is graduating from high school is probably at this very moment fantasizing over the perfect graduation present---and I would bet a porsche, even a mere boxter would fill the bill nicely. But I can give her the thrill w/out cashing out her college fund: these perfect sneaks (in her favorite color btw) and a can of new car spray like they use at the carwash, nice bow, she'll love it--- and my insurance won't go up!!