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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Underneath the Great Oak Tree

Moved in to my new pad a few weeks ago and now have to park my new baby outdoors, underneath a conglomeration of lush shade trees. Intertwined are, as follows: a lime tree, a mulberry bush, a pine tree and two others of indeterminate origin. With their combined force my car’s coat of paint never stood a chance. Each morning I would pick off the berries and the pine needles and brush off the fine pollen powder and drive off to work. But after two expensive car detailings, purchasing a car cover was of utmost importance.

The car cover was a small investment and I was quite proud of myself. That was…until…I took a look at my newly waxed car and saw tiny spots of pine tar dotting the hood. A cloth cover, to my dismay, offered little protection, as the tar just soaked right through in precise fabric dot patterns. Given the kind of car cover that would really do the trick costs 10 times the price of my Autozone version, I have coped by making sure there is an air space between cover and car and by spot cleaning the tar both morning and night. Thusly I have preserved my latest gorgeous wax and sparkling car surface for the time being.

This enterprise keeps me laughing, because (nature being as persistent as it is) between the time I take off the cover and drive away, or the time I park the car and put on the cover, dozens of little red berries, mulberries and pine needles plop down onto the hood. It is a race against the clock as I pluck them off and get the cover on. This battle would remain regardless of what type of cover I own. Please note that I say “pluck” because to “brush” would only smear these tenacious berries efficiently across the surface, leaving a substance resembling rasberry jam.

All of this led me to pen the following (and hopefully first in a series) of Boxster Haiku:

new clay wax gleaming
ripe mulberries plop on hood
predictable entropy

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