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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Porsche Haiku (and Tyler Too)

So Chris from NH points out that I didn't originate the concept of Boxster Haiku. Here are few from threads on Pete's Boxster Board, one back in 99, another in '01, and yet another in '03.

Strange cloud
Floating over the road
Boxster dream
Grant from Bonny Doon, CA

Beauty Performance
I love my porsche boxster
There's no substitute
Rob C from Orlando, AS

Too much time on hands
Waste time on PPBB
Should go drive instead
Keith L in AZ

Strange white exhaust
Floating over driveway
Just started flat-6
Ken in Shreveport, LA

Top down turn on rails
Reving engine Porsche style
Boxster permagrin

Happy Dentist knows
Despite bad weather and cops
He still owns a Porsche
12/12/01 – Stan from Dallas Texas

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