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Saturday, April 29, 2006


At one time or another everyone has experienced a psychosomatic illness. When I talk to my sister and hear her coughing and sniffling, I often begin to feel (or imagine) the onset of my own cold. After listening to one of many broadcasts on Avian Flu I was sure I felt a bird-bourne illness coming on.

So, I wasn't feeling anything at all when, on my drive home, my phone rang and my friend on the other end of the line told me that her CAR was sick. The little "check-engine" warning light was on. She read the car manual which basically said "if the gas cap isn't loose then you better bring your car in pronto". She was a bit panicked as any Angelino would be when threatened with car-lessness.

As I listened to her tale of woe I glanced down at my own cars dashboard and there it was: the "check-engine" light was on. It seems that my car and I have the same susceptibility to influence

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